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UK Pac-Man expert Mark Singleton.

UK Pac Man expert Mark Singleton. By Jon Stoodley. 

Pac Man sometimes has a magnetism that captures certain people. It’s not just the simplistic gameplay or the iconic characters, but the need to get further into the game, to master it.

One of those people is Mark Singleton.

Mark’s already the Gauntlet World Champion and one of the technicians in what could be argued as the greatest arcade in Europe, Arcade Club in Bury, United Kingdom.

His game really began at the start of the Covid19 epidemic in very early 2020.

Since that time, he has continually practiced on his own Pac Man cabaret machine, literally for days at a time, to get under the skin of the game. To conquer it.

It’s no mean feat to attempt this. I know. But faced with huge odds and 4 ruthless ghosts, Mark has incredibly pushed his score up from 50,000 points in 2020, to a scarcely believable 1.7 million points!

He has had to negotiate hundreds of thousands of corners and potential hazards along the way and overcome failure after failure too.

He’s studied the Pac masters too. Tim Balderramos, David Race, Bill Mitchell and Greg Sakundiak, all Pac Man ‘perfect’ players. 

This one man mission to reach the finite end of the game, screen 256 isn’t over yet.

Mark has the Splitscreen clearly on the horizon and as his partial mentor, I’m so honoured to have been a part of his meteoric success.

Here’s to you Mark and your up and coming inclusion in the Pac Man Hall of fame.

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