Quest for Split Screen.

Quest for a split-screen.

Hi-Score news.

Jake Goldberg from Philadelphia, PA has scored a new personal best on Pac-Man with an amazing score of 1,802,670 pts. on Monday 22nd February 2021.smashing his previous score of 1,134,470.

Jake, an avid Galaga player took to playing Pac-man after watching Billy Mitchell attempt a perfect game at The Galloping Ghost Arcade live on Twitch. Jake, who has only been playing Pac-man since November 24th 2020, started out playing on a Namco 20th Anniversary Reunion machine. Since buying an original Pac-Man cabaret machine in January of this year Jake has picked up the game at an incredible pace while taking tips from fellow players Jon Stoodley & Greg Sakundiak.. His current score now places him 14th on the Leaderboard. It won’t be long till he gets to that all important split-screen.

You can catch Jake streaming on TwitchTV under Jake__PG

Congratulations Jake.

4 thoughts on “Quest for Split Screen.”

  1. Renegade_Figueroa

    Look how far Jake has come :’) 100k with a reunion cab to now being a proud owner of a Pac-Man cabaret with a score of 1.8 million.

  2. Thanks for the write-up. This was a really fun game. I had no intention of playing for 2.5 hrs that night, but just went with it. I can’t wait to play more and increase that PB.

    Thank you, Jon. I love playing live, much like you. I have yet to play in front of a live crowd, but hope to someday soon.

  3. Jon Stoodley

    Truly amazing accomplishment from Jake. Playing live with an audience on Twitch TV sometimes overwhelms a gamer, but he has taken it in his stride.
    From initially playing on an anniversary machine, to purchasing a fantastic condition original Pac Man cabaret, his steely determination has taken his game into truly world class gameplay.

    Congratulations Jake.

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