Perfect Pac-man Strikes Again!

Jon at Fun Spot

Pac-Man maestro Jon Stoodley has done it again!
Jon has completed a 7th perfect game of Pac-Man on Wednesday 10th February 2021.
That’s his third perfect in just six weeks, his first of the year was performed live on TwitchTv on new years day followed by the 17th of January.
There’s just no stopping him as he strives to complete as many perfect games in as many months in a year.
He truly is a master of the game.

Jon & Walter Day
Jon At N.E.R.G

1 thought on “Perfect Pac-man Strikes Again!”

  1. Jon Stoodley

    Really enjoyed that run, especially after the mistake in the previous game when I ended up in ‘Pac Man Jailhouse’ 😂

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