Perfect Number 8

Perfect Number 8

Jon Stoodley does it again…. Perfect Pac-man Number 8.

There is just no stopping him, after almost 6 hours play Jon cruises home to complete another perfect game. Although Jon had concerns over a joy stick issue during his game. He never let go of his focus, keeping his corning tight as he crossed 234 boards in the desert..

Playing Pac-Man is no easy feat as any expert player would you have to complete 255 boards on your first man to get to the famous split screen, on the way, you cant miss a ghost and the two bonus items each board. Then when you finally arrive at the end you can’t miss any of the 9 hidden dots in the garbled mess on the right.

Congratulations Jon

3 thoughts on “Perfect Number 8”

  1. Yeah, double edged this one. Tough as the joystick wasn’t 100% and rewarding not to break pattern throughout. Cheers.

  2. marleyman999

    Simply stunning yet again Jon. I can’t believe that I’ve seen 7 of your 8 Perfect games & yet I still get so nervous watching you! Great come Jon.

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