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Hello! I’d like to introduce a series of Articles called Pac-Masters.

We hope to bring to you some Articles from some of the best Pac-Man players in the world. Bringing their insight into how they started their journey into the world of Pac-Man .

Our first Story is from Jon Stoodley , Who is by far the U.K’s  Best Pac-Man Player with seven perfect games under his belt, who can argue with that….Jon regularly streams his game play on Twitch under the username feel free to tune in.

I hope you enjoy the Article.

After beating my splitscreen score from 1983 live at Funspot US, I was really pushed to go for a perfect game by my good friend Tony Temple.

Tony is the current WR holder on Missile Command tournament settings.

We visited the US on many occasions and played live there in various locations and events.

I needed to polish up on my grouping for the 1 second boards and perfect Pac Man legend Tim Balderramos helped me considerably with some live streams on Twitch.

Once I had the basics, I developed my own freehand techniques for each energizer and over the space of about 4 years and about 20 live events, I finally reached perfection at the Play Expo event at the Winter Gardens in Margate, Kent.

Because I only ever played live in the arcade, I chose to continue with the exact same routine as the 80’s.

Original hardware and using only the machine to achieve my personal goals.

It took 6hrs 28min and was an amazing feeling at the end. Because of the amount of adrenaline after such a game, it’s so difficult to look and sound excited.

I was on the stage about 15 minutes after the game and had a microphone in front of me. Questions being asked about the game, how I felt etc, etc.

I felt as if I was still playing the game, such a strange feeling.

The next day there, I had to play again to 700k to have a ‘shakedown’.

It was all recorded live too, with the considerable help from my good friend, James Brindle.

James was pivotal over that time in assistance with the technical set up of not only the cab, but the spectator screen and professional recording of the run. Big mention to Play Events too, who on several occasions, transported my Pac Man machine to and from the events.

Finally the biggest supporter of all, my fantastic wife Sally.

This hobby of ours needs countless hours of time and dedication especially in our dreams for world records etc.

Without the amazing support from our partners, it just wouldn’t be a reality.

Article Written by Jon Stoodley.2021

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    1. Hey Jon, love your stories. One question: what’s a “shakedown?”

      1. Jon Stoodley

        A recovery game the following day. I felt as if I was still playing….

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