Pac-Masters Greg Sakundiak

Pac-Masters Greg Sakundiak

Greg Sakundiak has achieved many things in his life from being a Canadian Arm-Wrestling champion, Professional Break-Dancer & Arcade owner. But it doesn’t stop there. Greg is a multiple gaming arcade world record holder on the likes of Dragon’s Lair, Satan’s Hollow & Tag Team Wrestling to name but a few and yes, Greg managed to crown his gaming legacy with a ‘Perfect’ game of Pac-Man in the 40th Anniversary year of the game’s release.

Mister perfect 2020

Greg started his gaming career at the age of 12 at the Fun Factory Arcade in Grande Prairie, Alberta and in 1981 he first encountered what would become a very long relationship with the bright yellow cabinet named ‘Pac-Man’, even at the time before anybody was aware of the limits of the game, obtaining a score of 3.1 million.

Greg was curious how his scores compared to other gamers and tracked down Walter Day’s Twin Galaxies in Iowa. Upon learning that he was up-there with the best gamers in North-America he went on to compete in the Guinness Book Of World Records ‘Video Game Masters Tournament’ in 1985 and by the end of that year had achieved world record scores in 10 games, some of which still stand today.

Greg, competitive by nature, then competed in the 1985 National Breakdancing Competition as a member of ‘The Icebreakers’ team finishing 2nd. In 1987 Greg stepped back from gaming & life intervened including opening his own Arcade in Sicamous, British Columbia in 1994.

Greg sold the arcade a few years later and moved to Calgary, Alberta as an electrician but still the competitive instinct prevailed and in 1998 Greg entered the world of professional arm-wrestling, doing his day-job as an electrician & training in the evenings, winning his first tournament later the same year. Greg went on to become a 5 time undefeated Canadian National Champion, Unified North American Champion & 4th in the world. More importantly whilst on the circuit, Greg also met Kristina who would later become his wife.

Canadian National Champion

In 2007 Greg was recognised world-wide for his past gaming achievements by the Guinness Book of World Records and with a little pressure from the community, Greg returned to the world of gaming, but this time with 1 particular goal.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, Greg wanted a ‘Perfect’ game of Pac-Man.

Now, this wasn’t a short term goal, Greg knew it was going to be tough and although the years went on, Greg never gave up. Ever.

Ironically, the year was 2020, the 40th Anniversary of Pac-Man, 13 long years after Greg aimed to join that very exclusive club of ‘Perfect Pac-Men’. The date was 21st May 2020 when Greg stood in front of his cabinet and on that day everything came together…256 boards, eating every dot, prize & ghost and 4 hours 14 minutes & 28 seconds later without losing a single life, Greg finally fulfilled what he set out to accomplish, truly a lesson in dogged determination & persistence.

Greg's Perfect score.

Greg is still around the community under the pseudonym ‘Misterperfect2020’ and you’ll usually find him watching his fellow ‘Perfect Pac-Men’ on Twitch & is a great character with his joyous Canadian nature and wit.

Greg has had a few ‘Perfect games’ since and has recently helped mentor Jake Goldberg to his first ‘Perfect game’, which you can read about here.

Greg now lives with his wife and daughter in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and I’m sure you’ll all agree, has accomplished so much, all done with dignity and grace.

If you’d like to see Greg’s game please click on the links.

Article written by James Marshall (marleyman999) – 17th April 2021

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  1. Great story, Greg. Hopefully you can start playing again and go for that speed game

  2. One of the original Pac masters.
    Greg was an inspirational friend when I was chasing my perfect game.
    We would try and play at the same time, in different parts of the world to push each other on.
    I always maintained that the perfect scoreboard would be at a loss without his name being there.
    True outstanding gamer and guy.
    Congratulations Greg 😎

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