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Jake goldberg achieves his first split screen.

Jake Goldberg of Philadelphia, U.S Has achieved his first ever split screen on Pac-man. in a gripping 4 hour game streamed live on Twitch.

U.K Pac-Man Master Jon Stoodley had a few word to say about the Game.

“Jake Goldberg and I have been mutual Pac Man friends for a few months now.

He’s had an incredible appetite for learning how to play Pac Man and in this short space of time, has amassed an incredible score of 3,315,500 points 😳

This is Jake’s first splitscreen achievement and is nothing short of astonishing considering that he has played live on Twitch TV from home with an audience present.

It’s with great pride too that I write this, as I have mentored Jake along the way when he’s needed a little guidance.

Jake has continued the success of the US in producing incredible Pac Man players.

Congratulations Jake.

So proud.”

Jon Stoodley.

Jake has officially submitted his Score to our Scoreboard for verification. You can register for our forums to watch Jake’s game and cast your vote.Here

5 thoughts on “jakes splitscreen”

  1. marleyman999

    From the very first time that Jon messaged me to say to tell me to tune in to your Twitch channel, it was very obvious that you had a natural talent for the game Jake. To get from 0 to a splitscreen in such a short time has been the most impressive journey I’ve watched in gaming. I have a feeling you’ll get that perfect game quicker than you think. Again, my congratulations Jake.

  2. Thank you for the words, Jon, means a lot for you to write this .

    And thanks to Mark for starting what I’m sure will be an amazing website – I’m already greatly enjoying it.

    Haven’t been playing long, but just hit the beautiful split screen. Definitely would not have been possibe this quickly without the mentorship of Jon Stoodley. So many lessons and support. Also, Greg Sakundiak has been an amazing help, and he definitely played a huge part in the success.

    The support from twitch followers has also been amazing. Mark has been there with me every step of the way. James Marshall motivates every day. So appreciative of all the support from everyone. It definitely makes this a whole lot easier when there’s amazing comraderie within the group.

    Having said that, I’m nowhere near where I need to be. I want a perfect game of Pac Man. I’m going to continue to grind every day, and I hope all of you will continue to be there by my side.

    1. Without question Jake, we’ll all be there to celebrate your future achievements. 😎

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