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Jake Goldberg, 38, is no stranger to the world of classic arcade gaming, he owns many cabinets but is probably best known around the community for streaming ‘Galaga’ live on Twitch. Jake is a family man from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and one of the nicest guys you’ll find around Twitch, Jake is always friendly, encouraging to his fellow gaming colleagues & always gets involved in the chat banter.

Jake with his Pac-Man caberet

Back in mid-November of 2020, with encouragement from his friend Jon Stoodley, Jake decided to start playing Pac-Man, not with any hopes or dreams, but just for a change of scenery. A few streams into his journey it became readily apparent to everybody that watched that Jake had a talent for the game, not only in skill but in temperament, the set-backs only spurred him on & to everybody who knows anything about Pac-Man it was noticeable very early on that Jake was heading towards greatness.

Soon the inevitable addiction took hold, Jake used every avenue he could find to enhance his knowledge of the game. Jon Stoodley & Greg Sakundiak, also ‘Perfect Pac-Men’ took Jake under their wing. Jon from the other side of the ‘pond’ over in the UK and Greg from Saskatoon, Canada guided Jake through the highs and lows with words of wisdom & advice. Jake didn’t stop there though, he used what was available to him, he asked advice from the community and watched the great’s when he could.

Along with the advice from Jon & Greg it wasn’t unusual to see Jake asking for guidance from Tim Balderramos along with watching the youtube videos of Neil Chapman, David Race, Billy Mitchell, David Cruz, Rick Fothergill & others.

The research began to pay off in early 2021 with a game of 1.7million and on the 27th March 2021 he upped that yet again to 2,052,320. Jake began to see light at the end of the tunnel & practiced, hours of streams honed his skill and then it all came together on the 4th April 2021, although not ‘perfect’ Jake weaved his little yellow character all the way through the desert for his first splitscreen, finishing up with a score of 3,315,500.

But Jake wasn’t done.

On Sunday 11th April 2021, for the first time, Jake found himself with a perfect game at the beginning of the desert. He died soon after due to a slow turn but he now realised he had the skill to achieve his goal.

On Wednesday 14th April just before 10pm, Jake decided to practice and maybe try and work on his patterns a little. He switched on his cab, pressed start & played. He managed to get through the first 20 boards perfectly & proceed into the desert, board after board after board and after just over 4 and a quarter hours from the start of his game Jake achieved his first ever ‘Perfect Pac-Man’ making him only the 10th person in the history of the game to do so on original hardware.

Jake's Perfect Score.

In 5 short months Jake has achieved what some still consider one of the hardest things to accomplish in classic arcade gaming. Truly phenomenal.

If you’d like to watch the game please check out the link https://www.twitch.tv/videos/987924561

On a personal note, the whole gang here at Pacman forum would like to congratulate Jake on his achievement. We’ve all become good friends with Jake & a nicer guy you couldn’t wish to meet.

You have cemented yourself in the history books & we can’t wait to see your legacy develop.

Mark Singleton.

Jon Stoodley.

James Marshall.

Article written by James Marshall (marleyman999) – 15th April 2021

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  1. Jake Goldberg.
    Perfect Pac Man.
    How does that sound?

    Legend 😎

  2. Beautiful write-up, James. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Was an amazing adventure; loved every minute of it.

    Thank you Mark and Rene for the comments. I’ve got some more plans, Rene 🙂

  3. Renegade_Figueroa

    Congrats on the perfect, Jake. I can’t believe after half a year of playing, you have finally joined the legendary perfect players. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

  4. Congratulation’s Jake epic achievement in just 5 months from first ever playing the game to get a perfect is just outstanding.

    I’m Gobsmacked…..

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