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    Mark Singleton

    So come on ,what do you love and hate about Pacman.

    I love the fact of how simple Pacman is. But once you get into playing and start to learn it’s secrets ,how complex of a game it really is.precise cornering ,ghost movement and being able to influence them to do what you want, patterns all bring you great and an exciting experience.weather it’s getting a new pb or the challenge of  reaching the split screen or perhaps a perfect game (one day eh!)  . Thats what i Love about this game.

    So what do i hate about pacman? Thats easy POKEY. Can’t stand the interfering little shit.


    what your love, hate?


    I love that the game ends and that you can be “perfect.”

    I can get really great at another game, but how would I know when I’ve reached “perfection?” Well, I’d never know.



    I agree with Jake..i love the fact there’s a “finite” end to the game on board 256 a bit like DK’s L22-1 & that there’s a maximum possible score. My dislike is the timezones around the world. In the UK, if Jon starts a game somewhere around 6pm (ish) & gets to the desert, then i know if he goes all the way I can get to bed just after midnight..if the guys in the US start a game somewhere around 6pm their time, that’s 11pm for the UK with a potential finish time of 5am in the morning.


    Lol sorry, guys.  I’m hoping to start my serious games earlier in the day.  Saturday and Sunday mornings seem to be working ok for me.  It’s just hard to play with my kids being loud and getting yelled at lol


    Oh no…i hope you didn’t take my comment badly Jake…you can play anytime you want..i can always watch the vid. I was just generalising really..whether it’s Justin in NYC or Barra in NZ..i always think it’s bedtime & i’ll just watch for 10 minutes, then they get a game going and it’s 4am before you know it. It wasn’t personal mate.


    Pac Man of course, has an indelible place in my heart. This isn’t meant to be theatrical or clever, but the sheer volume of memories that this game conjures up for me is monumental.

    From my first ‘doubles’ game with my brother in 1981, to my last Twitch TV live game, I always enjoy the experience and camaraderie that Pac Man brings.

    It’s one of those games that make people smile, laugh, shout and sometimes cry, it taps into your emotions like no other classic game in my opinion. The incredible simplicity, the genius concept and incredible characters too, make Pac Man not only addictive, but hugely fun and enjoyable.

    I could talk about the competitive side too, so these would be my ‘dislikes’ in answer to the question. But it’s a double edged sword.

    Excruciatingly tough to achieve the perfect game, but immensely rewarding at the same time to achieve one of gamings most difficult achievements.

    There will only ever be one true ‘Pac Man’ and every other varient pales into mediocrity to me. NO game in history has been as successful as the ‘yellow guy’ for good reason.

    It’s truly an impeccable gaming creation.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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