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    First submission, third game

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    Mark Singleton

    NOTE please download and view the added video file to view the gameplay.

    Very nice score for your first submission I’m happy to accept this.I vote yes.


    Well done Renegade. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Accepted by me.


    Well played.

    If you’re not running patterns entirely, play for points and progression.

    Don’t be tempted to eat all 4 Ghosts. Just concentrate on using the energisers as ‘dot clearing’ aids and eat anything in your way.

    It will help to have an aide memoir for the blue time boards, just as a quick reference.

    If you’d like any pointers on when to leave the sit spot on the apple speed, let me know. I can always play on Twitch or you can look at my previous videos.

    Great effort all round! 👍😎

    Mark Singleton

    Congratulations score has been accepted

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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