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    Mark Singleton

    Please discuss Hi-score submission here!

    Do you have an idea on how we can better our submission rules? this is the place to be.




    Hi Mark

    Please add the “Number of Games” to the Pac-Man Turbo (Arcade) & Pac-Man (MAME) – Factory Speed

    Another thing: Is the Anniversary Edition Perfect scores counted towards “number of games” under “Pac-Man (Arcade) – Perfect? If no , then also add “Number of Games” to Anniversary Edition.

    Add another Leaderboard for:  Pac-Man Turbo (MAME)

    Add here also “Number of Games” column.

    From MARP Forum you will get Donald Hayes game for Pac-Man (Turbo) – MAME



    Add also on Leaderboard: Pac-Man (MAME) – Turbo – Non-Perfect Scores





    Mark Singleton

    Hi thanks for you suggestions we will look into adding number of perfects to those tables.turbo games are listed on the same page as perfect games for Mame.

    Anniversary games are not counted in the same category as Arcade as its not original hardware and will be counted separately.


    Hi Francois…I’d love to be able to add in the data you’d like to see but unlike Pac-man Factory Speed Perfect’s i certainly have no idea where to locate data for number of perfect’s on Turbo or Mame Factory Speed…I “may” be able to contact 3 or 4 of the guys on those lists & ask them and will even speak to David Race & see if he can provide the info…but i seriously doubt we’ll be able to find all of the data. I “may” be able to speak to Tim, Don, possibly Neil, possibly Jamey but some of these guys haven’t been active in the community for years now. All i can do is try my best though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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